What's On

05 March 7.45am - 10.45pm

Shrove Tuesday

Fancy popping in and making your own pancake?

Well The Candlemaker is making it easy for you.. and fun!

All you have to do is drop on by and you'll be whipping and flipping in no time!
Don't forget to 'Pimp your pancake' from our toppings basket for that extra special treat!

05 -11 March 11.15am - 10.15pm

The Candlemaker Pie Week

This National pie day we're not just doing a day but a week! Join us from the 5th - 11th March for...

THE CANDLEMAKER PIE WEEK - We'll be adding 3 deliciously scrumptious pie's to our gorgeous all day menu including a vegetarian/vegan option.

Don't forget to tag us on Instagram @thecandlemakercannonst and show off what you got!
Using the hashtags - #NationalPieDay #TheCandlemakerPieWeek

There's only one thing left to do...


15 March 12.30am

St. Patricks day Pre-party

Join us for our very own St. Patrick's day pre-party!

The day itself falls on a Sunday, but that won't stop us getting in on the action. Join us for an appropriately themed, fun filled evening with drinks, food and more..